Appliance Preventative Maintenance


                       Refrigerator maintenance

 Cleaning your refrigerator condenser coils can extend the life of your refrigerator up to 5 yrs or more. One of the most common causes of compressor overload fallers is clogged condenser coils. Condenser coils are the place where heat produced by the refrigeration process is transferred and dissipates into the room away from the inner parts of the refrigerator. If that heat is not able to leave the condenser coils you compressor starts to work over time. Your energy bill starts to go up and the life of your compressor starts to go down.
 Most of today's coils are located below the refrigerator compartment, conveniently bottom rear or under the front kick plate. You may have to pull the refrigerator forward and remove the bottom panel to clean your condenser coils. Start with a thin brush  to loosen every thing up and then vacuum the area completely. This simple step once a year will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

                                          Dryer Vent

Its that time again to think about have your dryer vent inspected and cleaned. We find most vent issues become even bigger issues during the Winter months. That warm air leaving your home becomes a magnet for animals and birds out in the cold. First make sure there is proper vent protection from unwanted guest entering into your home. Wire mesh netting works best and make sure all your louvers are in place. Next turn your dryer on and make sure you have good air flow leaving the home. If not your vent is plugged and is in need of being cleaned. Plugged dryer vents account for 1/3 of all house fires every year. When a vent becomes blocked dryer lent starts to build until it never leaves the dryer. When that lent comes in contact with the dryer heater, you now have a house fire.

                                   Range Door Cleaning

 Interior door glass can be a challenge to get clean. Cleaning this area will require removing the oven door from the range. First start by putting some thing soft on the floor or counter to lay the door. Then open the door and look for the retainer strap to secure the hinge in the open position.
 Make sure door is all the way open and move the strap forward over the hook part of the hinge, left oven door up and forward and remove the door. After gentle setting your door down remove the screws mounting the bottom and top frame/glass together. There may also be screws holding the handle in place that also need to be removed. Remember how it came apart and follow same steps to reinstall door.
 Clean your interior glass with glass cleaner, SOS pads and possibly even a razor blade may be needed. Take very good care of the glass as for most panels are very expensive.

                          Dishwasher Maintenance
 Keeping your home dishwasher running properly is a simple process. First and foremost practice keeping foreign objects out of the wash tub. Over the years I have found a good number of items in the bottom of dishwashers. Tooth picks, rocks, glass, jewelry, even faults teeth. All of these items can and will damage your drain pump.
 The next thing to do is once every two months run a cleaner through the dishwasher with no dishes in the tub. Affresh is one of the best.
Directions: 1: Drop an affresh tablet in the bottom of your dishwasher close the door. (No dishes in the wash tub.)
2: If needed (if your dishwasher is really, really stained) place a second tablet in the prewash tray or in the bottom of the dishwasher.
3: Close the dishwasher and run on most aggressive cycle.
4: Repeat once every 60 days.

                             Garbage Disposal Maintenance
Never put stringy vegetables into your disposal, onion skin is the worst. Keep bones, seeds, tooth picks and fish tank rocks out as well. Once a month run cold water about 12 ice cubes and some lemon slices through your disposal. The ice helps sharpen the blades and the lemon is for smell.