Whirlpool mini front load washer will not start

Whirlpool model number WFC7500VW1 front load washer will not spin?

 Whirlpool has a full size and a mini front load washer. Most of the full size front load washers work very good and have very little issues. The mini front load washers on the other hand have many complaints from there users. The complaints range from the small load sizes, clothes come out still wet, smell and most important the machine will not start at all.
 Most appliance technicians do not like to work on the mini front load washer. Mostly due to the restricted areas these machines are located in, but more importantly these machines can be hard to properly diagnose. If your front load washer stops working or works sporadically the first thing to check is the wall outlet. Make sure you have the proper polarity at the wall outlet. If the polarity is reversed the electronics will not work properly, even if the machine has work normally for years.
 The other problem that is very common is door lock issues. You may not have to replace the lock, start with placing two small washers inside between the door lock and inner panel and see if this corrects the issue first. The washers pull the lock back so the strike makes proper contact and the machine control senses that the door is locked.