Electrolux ice maker issues

 Electrolux french door refrigerator ice maker not working?

 Electrolux has had many issues with there ice makers in the french door refrigerators. They have come out with many up grade kits and not many have worked. I for one was frustrated with the process. After about the third trip to the customers home you, the service provider start looking like an idiot.
 Good new is I and many other repair persons have become very familiar with the Electrolux ice makers and it look like they have finally got things going in the right direction. One of the key components to the fix is the new 8.1 ice maker board. The hardware in the new board will not let the ice maker quit in mid cycle. I have rebuilt many of these units and there are very few still in the market place that have the original equipment in them. There are a number of things to look for in your ice maker to make sure you have all the new upgrades.
 Remove the ice bucket and look at the harvest mold, make sure it is all silver not orange. Look on the very end of the the rod poking straight out at you and check to see if there is a plastic sleeve on the end. The next thing to check for is make sure the ice maker board is 8.1 or higher. You will have to pull the refrigerator out to check. On the upper left side in the rear is were your board will be located. Check the hardware version.These three things will let you know if your ice maker is up to date. 
  If your find that you have a orange harvest mold in your ice maker you will need ice maker kit # 5303918495. If you have the new harvest mold and sleeve, but the board on the back is less than 8.1 you will need kit # 5303918496.
 One last thing to check is to make sure all the ice cube nipples are round on the bottom. If any are smashed or flat your ice maker is not repairable!