Whirlpool Estate dryer not running

 Estate dryer model number TEDS840PQ1 has power will not run.

 The lights come on every thing seems normal but dryer will not turn on? The first thing to check when you have a dryer that is not running is your house breaker. Some household breakers have a double throw type breaker and one side is tripped, switch the breaker completely off then back on. If the dryer is still not starting open the door and look on the upper right corner of the inner door frame. Is your door switch lever broke off, shut the door and check to see if the door is making good contact with the door switch. If the door switch is broken the dryer will never start. Replace the door switch with part number # 3406107.
 After you have checked the house breaker and the door switch you will need to check the thermal fuse. Before moving to the next step turn off the house breaker and unplug the dryer.
 Start by removeing the back panel of the dryer, and locate the white long fuse, remove one wire and test for continuity. If the fuse has continuity its time to call your local service company. If the fuse is bad replace it with part # 3392519