Frigidaire Front Load Washer no spin cycle

Front load Frigidaire washer agitates but will not spin? 

 Drum turns from left to right but will not go into full spin cycle, clothes are soaking wet.  There are generally only two  main potential problems this could be, drain pump issue or door lock. If there is standing water in the tub you pretty much know there is a drain issue, but there could still be a pump issue and no water visible.

 First start by removing the bottom panel, tilting the machine to the rear works best and will come in handy in the next step. After the panel has been removed locate your drain pump. In the very front there will be a screw off cap, make sure you have a shop vac ready as for there will be water ready to come out when the cap is removed. If you find build up and debris remove it and more than likely this was your issue, reinstall cap, panel and screws.

(Not all models have the bottom panel if yours do's not, call a repair man its not worth it.)

The second possible issue is your door lock. Some times when the door is closed and you push start the machine will just beep twice this is definitely a door lock problem. If you have checked the pump and your machine starts a drain/spin cycle but it will not go into a full spin, you will need to replaced your door lock.  Frigidaire front load models part # 131763255 door lock will work.
 After you have received the part locate the small spring located on the bottom of the front door gasket, take a small screw driver and insert it into the round circle end of the spring. Pull slightly forward and remove the spring. Fold the door gasket back slightly on the right side this will give you access to the door lock. Remove the two screws securing the door lock and unplug the three wire connectors. Install the new door lock and carefully reinstall the door gasket. The next part can be tricky. Start with the spring on top and work it to the left, near the bottom push your knee against the spring to hold it in place. Next work the spring around to the right until the spring is in place.

   Start your washer and check for leaks at this time. Your ready to do laundry!
                   Model #FAFW4011LWO / Door lock part # 131763255