Bosch dishwasher stopped in the middle of the cycle and now there is standing water in the bottom of the tub. The first thing I would ask is did you just install a new garbage disposal. Many times people install there new disposal and forget to remove the plug where the dishwasher hooks up. If this is the case remove the hose and punch out the plug. If you did not just install a new disposal its time to check your drain system for proper operation.
 Start with pushing the cancel button and listen to see if you can hear a humming noise coming from the drain pump area. If there is a humming noise you may just have a clogged drain hose from the machine to the sink, or check your filters in the bottom of the dishwasher for blockage.
 The next thing to check is to see if you have proper voltage going to the drain pump. You will need to remove the front bottom kick plate and foam insulation to get to the pump. Take your voltage meter and install the leads to the pump and press the cancel button. If you have 120v going to the pump replace the drain pump Part # 167082.

Proper preventative maintenance will help keep your dishwasher working better longer. Use one tablet of Dishwasher Affresh once every month. This will keep the bottom sump, filter, drain pump and drain hose clean and working properly. Dishwasher Affresh part # W10282479