ATF8000FS1 Frigidaire washer moldy door gasket

               Frigidaire front load washer, Moldy door boot issue.

Frigidaire front load washers are like every other front load with respects to the front door boot. It can be a challenge to keep this area from growing mold and mildew. In extreme cases it may be a necessity to replace the rubber door boot. For model # ATF8000FS1 the part number for the door boot is 134728400.
 Open the front door and locate the front spring just below the rubber door gasket. With a small screw driver lift spring and remove the outer clamp. Fold the Bellows into the inner tub as tightly as possible. Around the top gasket there is a large retainer spring, insert a flat head screwdriver under the spring and gentle remove it and the rubber gasket.
 When you receive the new part the Bellows kit will come with specific instruction to reinstall the new door boot.

 It is much better to try and prevent the mold and mildew before it gets to the point of replacing the bellows. Keeping the dispenser drawer slightly open, and the front door cracked this with help air to circulate and moister left behind to dry faster. Also try running a cleaner through the washer every two months. Affresh tablets work great Part# W10135699. Put one tablet into the tub with no clothes, pick the most aggressive cycle and let the tablet do the work.