Whirlpool washer LSQ9544KQ0 will not spin

 Top load Whirlpool washer makes grinding noise in spin and agitate, basket never moves. This sounds really bad but could be very easy fix. Model # LSQ9544KQ0 is what is called a direct drive wash system. This simply means there are no belts, the motor and transmission are directly connected. The part connecting the two is called a motor coupler part # 285753A and is made of rubber and plastic.
 To check and see if this is your issue unplug the washer from the wall outlet. Remove the two screw on either corner in rear of control panel and pull forward on top control panel assembly. Tilt the assembly back and remove the door switch connector. Next locate the two brackets holding the cabinet onto the rear panel. Take a screw driver insert into front hole and push to the rear the bracket should come loose. Now the complete cabinet will tilt forward and can be easily removed and set aside.
 Look under the machine and you will notice black pieces of rubber on the floor if your motor coupler has failed. Take a flat head screw driver and remove the two brackets holding the drain pump on. Take a 1/4 socket and remove screws holding the motor brackets on, then remove the motor brackets. Remove the motor and this is were you will find your motor coupler. (Check to see if the transmission turns freely turning it clock wise then counter clock wise, if it moves freely replace the motor coupler. If it will not move and there are traces of oil on floor you may have a bad transmission.)
 Replaced your coupler one side at a time making sure the coupler is flush with the post on transmission and motor. Insert the rubber connector to transmission first then line the motor up and reinstall the motor brackets, then the drain pump. Repeat all steps in reverse and test your washer for proper spin and agitating.