Whirlpool Washer H/C Error code Model # WTW8200YW0

H/C error code on top load Whirlpool washer Model # WTW8200YW0. This error code generally stands for reversed hot and cold water valves. If you see the hoses are hooked correctly there could be a greater problem at hand.
 I recently found this to be true after a gentlemen had a new washer delivered and started receiving this code. The hoses were hooked up correctly and I found the screens clear of debris. I took a closer look at the wiring diagram and found there was a temperature sensor located in the water valve assembly also called a thermistor. The correct ohm reading for the thermistor at room temp was 1.1k ohms. This thermistor ohmed out at almost 2.1k. The sensor was defiantly bad the problem was the complete water valve assembly needed to be replaced. Water Valve assembly part # W10342320