Maytag washer Model # MTW5700TQ0 will not spin or agitate

Maytag washer fills with water, will not agitate or spin water out of clothes? If you have this model of wash and are experiencing this kind of problem the fix could be very simple.
 The first thing you should check is to see if the door screws are loose? Open the lid and look on bottom right and left corners and see if the screws are nice and tight. If not tighten them and test the washer for proper operation. If they are tight you may simply have a bad door switch, part No 8318084.
 Look in the rear to see if your control panel has the two screws on either corner, remove them, then take a putty knife and insert it between control panel and washer cabinet. Once the control panel is loose tilt it to the rear. Next remove the door switch connector and with an electrical meter set to Ohm's or continuity check your door switch, first with the door open then closed. If nothing changes you will need to replace the door switch. Remove the 5/16th ground screw push tab forward and remove old switch reinstall new switch in reverse order and test machine for proper operation. 
 If your switch test good or you replaced the switch and your machine still will not work, you should call you local appliance repair company and have them take a closer look at your machine.