Kitchenaid Washer not draining Model KAWS850LQ2

Kitchenaid washer model # KAWS850LQ2 not draining. There are just a couple of very easy things to check when your washer stops draining, washer door switch and drain pump.
 First start with inspecting you door switch, are all the screws tight? Can you tell if parts are missing? Next unplug the machine, remove the top control panel remove the door switch connector and check for continuity (ohm meter) with the door closed then with the door open. If nothing on your meter changes you have a bad door switch. Part # 8054980
 With this particular machine the door switch was not the problem. The washer was trying to drain, just nothing was leaving the machine. After removing the top control panel, I removed the to S-Hooks holding the bottom cabinet to the rear panel and removed the front assembly. This will give you a complete view of the inner workings of the machine.
 When the washer was put into spin cycle the motor was spinning, the pump connected to it was not. This unit needed a new drain pump part # 3363394. Start by trying to remove as much water from the tub as possible from the top. Then get preferably a wet vac, or small buckets and some towels. Tilt the machine back and remove the two hoses connected to the pump. Pop the to brackets holding the pump on to the motor. Remove old drain pump then install new. Place drain hoses back onto the pump and reinstall all parts in reverse order.