Kitchenaid KUDS35FXSS5 dishwasher not draining

Kitchenaid dishwasher model # KUDS35FXSS5 not draining, will not finish cycle. If your dishwasher has standing water in it and the control panel still has lights there is a good chance you will need a new drain pump or you have some thing stuck in pump.
 To check your drain pump follow these easy steps. First turn the beaker off to the appliance. Remove the two screws on the bottom panel and set panel aside. Next remove the electrical connector going to the drain pump. With your voltage meter attached to the connector turn the breaker back on and press the cancel button. If  you have 120v, the drain pump is defective or there is some thing stuck in it.
 Turn the breaker back off and remove the water from the dishwasher tub (shop vac). Reach under the dishwasher and rotate the drain pump counter clockwise. There is a tab you will have to compress to turn the drain pump. If you find nothing in the pump, glass, toothpick or debris you will need to replace the pump. The drain pump is part #8558995.