Kenmore Dryer not heating Model # 110.64832400

Kenmore dryer runs great just no heat? The funny thing is the dryer seem to get hotter than normal just before it stopped heating all together. This to me was a bad sign there could be a bigger problem at hand.
 After removing the rear panel I installed my voltage meter on to L-1 and L-2 leads at the heater. Turned the timer to time dry and pushed start. I found there was 240v going to the heater. I then took a resistance check on the heater itself and found the heater open. This dryer definitely in needed a new heating element. Part # 279838.
 Start by removing the thermal overload and thermostat located on the side of the heater can. Then remove the 1/4 inch bolt holding the heater in place. Install your new heater and reinstall thermostat and thermal overload.
 The next step is to make sure your external vent leaving the home is not blocked. Turn the dryer on and go out side to check you air flow. Next open the door to your dryer push the door switch closed and push the start button. take a piece of paper and hold it over the air vent in dryer. You should hear a good slapped noise when the paper gets sucked against lent inlet area.