G.E drop in range oven not heating, get warm but will not heat to set temp. This problem is all to common in all oven ranges. Some times you can just visually inspect the bake element and find it defective. Look for a brake in the element itself and if you find it is broke replace the element.
 To find what part in the oven is defective first start by turning off  breaker to range. Next remove the two screws holding the element in. Pull the element forward and remove one of the electrical connectors. With a Ohm meter check the element for continuity. If the element fails the test replace the element, Part Number WB44X200.
 IF the element test OK reinstall it. You will need to remove the rear panel and test for voltage going to the element. If there is 240v going to the element the part is faulty and needs replaced. If you find no power replace the control unit.