Estate Dryer not turning on

Estate Model TEDS840PQ1 has power to the dryer but will not turn on. Lights work in drum but timer and push to start don't work?
 Before you get started turn the breaker of to the dryer if your not sure where the breaker is unplug the machine. If you find yourself with a dryer that has power but wont start there are two key items that should be checked. The first thing to check is your door switch. Start by removing the two screw located under the lent filter cover, next take a putty knife and insert at left and right front corners until the top is loose and lifts to the rear. The door switch connector is located at front right corner, with and Ohm meter check your resistance with the door open and then closed. If your switch reads open in both positions your door switch is bad part # 3406107.
 The other possible cause could be your thermal fuse located on the blower housing. Remember if you find this to be the case check you exterior vent it may be blocked.
 Start by removing the venting off the back then remove the rear panel. Your thermal fuse is the long white part sitting on the blower housing, Ohm it out with at least one of the wires off. If there is no continuity replace the fuse. Part # 3392519

Turn off the beaker and unplug machine before you start working on any appliance!