Frigidaire Washer E45 Error Code

Frigidaire Model ATF7000FS1 Error code E45 message. Washer would start for approx 30 seconds then control would just go blank, door lock light stays lite. Put unit into drain/spin cycle pump will turn on for short period same thing would happen. E45 error code means there is a defect in the main display control board, relay shorted, communication error.
 To find out if this is your issue press and hold start/cancel buttons at the same time. If there are any stored fault codes they will be in the display. The only way to correct the E45 error fault code is to replace the main display board. Part # for this model is 137007000.
 To replace your control disconnect power from wall outlet. Remove the two screws in rear to remove the top cover. Move to the front and remove two screws holding the plastic control panel onto machine. Disconnect electrical connectors. Remove plastic dial. Placed panel face down on flat surface and remove all screws holding the electronic board to front panel. Remove control board, replace with new and repeat all other steps in reverse. Never replace any electrical parts with power still hooked up.