Frigidaire model # FES355EBB Burner switch

Frigidaire range Model # FES355EBB large burner not working. If you find yourself in this situation first start by switching the coil elements. If the element works on one burner spot and not the other we can eliminate the coil element as the problem.
 To change out the switch start with turning off the power to the appliance. Next remove the knobs from control panel. Below the knobs are round plastic screw on holders, remove them now. Left the control cover and disconnect the small switch on right, set the cover aside. Remove the screws holding down the metal frame, then remove the two screws holding the switch you need to replaced.
 Part number for the switch's are Large burners to part # 903136-9020 the small burners take part # 903136-9010. Take note at what colors the wires are on the old switch also the place holder it is connected to L1, H2, ect. If the wires are not connected correctly the new switch will be damaged and or will not work properly.
 After the new switch is secured to the metal frame reinstall all parts in reverse order. make sure no wires are pinched and panel gasket is installed correctly. Turn the power back on to the Range and test your new burner switch.
 Please take note if you have little or no experience with this type of project it is always best to call a qualified Technician to preform the work.