Electrolux and Frigidaire dishwasher .20 or I20 error code

 Electrolux and Frigidaire dishwasher .20 or I20 error code, will not wash.

 Frigidaire and Electrolux dishwasher .20 or I20 error code is directly connected to the water level or pressure sensor located in the bottom of the tub assembly. What the manufacture has found is that the sensor is getting plugged with debris from the wash cycle. After removing the two filters located just below the bottom spray arm you will notice a small round hole located on the left side of the tub. This is the water level sensor hole and has no protection from items entering into the sensor itself.
 What you will need to correct this problem is the part # 5304504077 sensor kit with instructions. In the kit you will find a new water level sensor and a new filter cover for the sensor opening in the tub. I would rate this job about a 4 or 5 but if you do not fell comfortable doing the job hire a service tech to come on out and install the kit. After the kit is installed correctly the .20 error code should be solved and you should be back to washing dish's. Hope that helps!
Electrolux I20 error code

 The picture here is before kit was installed as you can see the small round hole open to the wash cycle.

Electrolux .20 error code

This is a after picture with the kit installed, as you can see the filter cover is installed over the hole!

Electrolux I 20 error code
The next picture is of the old sensor plugged with YUCK!

Kitchenaid KUDS35FXSS5 dishwasher not draining

Kitchenaid dishwasher model # KUDS35FXSS5 not draining, will not finish cycle. If your dishwasher has standing water in it and the control panel still has lights there is a good chance you will need a new drain pump or you have some thing stuck in pump.
 To check your drain pump follow these easy steps. First turn the beaker off to the appliance. Remove the two screws on the bottom panel and set panel aside. Next remove the electrical connector going to the drain pump. With your voltage meter attached to the connector turn the breaker back on and press the cancel button. If  you have 120v, the drain pump is defective or there is some thing stuck in it.
 Turn the breaker back off and remove the water from the dishwasher tub (shop vac). Reach under the dishwasher and rotate the drain pump counter clockwise. There is a tab you will have to compress to turn the drain pump. If you find nothing in the pump, glass, toothpick or debris you will need to replace the pump. The drain pump is part #8558995.